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Dr Jude Moriarty

Dr Jude Moriarty – Chiropractor
BSc Human Sciences, MSc Chiropractor

Jude Moriarty is the founder and Director of Inalign Health, a wellness practice.

She is a Chiropractor, a Metabolic Mindset Therapist and Health Coach.  It’s been her life’s passion to help others achieve maximum health and wellbeing.

With 20 years of experience plus upscaling the latest research, new knowledge and techniques, she delivers care that is individual, comprehensive, honouring your unique goals with compassion.

Do you want to improve your health, lose weight, stop the fatigue/lethargy, decrease your inflammation, feel better and therefore subsequently allowing your body to thrive?  However, if you’ve fallen off the wagon or yo-yoed so many times, or even just need direction and advice then she is here to help with proven strategies that encompass not only daily bio-hacks around food and movement but also the mindset work to really achieve those long lasting results.