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Here at Inalign Health we provide a range of different services for you including:

Chiropractic is a natural form of healthcare, which specifically focuses on the intimate relationship between your spine and nervous system. Stresses in our lives, whether they are physical, emotional or chemical can create tension in our nervous systems and alterations to the body’s natural/optimal alignment. This produces a body that is less adaptable and more susceptible to disease and dysfunction.
Chiropractor’s detect these changes in our spine (commonly known as subluxations) and look at why they have occurred and gently correct and restore balance and function in the body. They educate patients how to better look after their spines and nervous systems, more importantly their overall health and well being.

Massage Therapy
One of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling relaxed and calm. This occurs because massage prompts the release of endorphins – the brain’s chemicals that produce feelings of wellbeing.

Some of the physical benefits of massage include:

  • reduced muscle tension
  • improved circulation
  • stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • reduction of stress hormones
  • relaxation
  • increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • improved recovery of soft tissue injuries
  • heightened mental alertness
  • reduced anxiety and depression.

Feel good? Want to feel better? Recovering from an injury or illness? Stressed? Pregnant? Something else? Then acupuncture is probably for you. Acupuncture is the insertion of needles into the body, along with cupping, heating therapies and electroacupuncture to name a few of the treatment methods included. If you have an injury that has been acknowledged by ACC, you can also access treatment from a registered acupuncturist.Working with people of all ages, new life to those requiring palliative care. When recovering from chronic illness or injuries, or in some cases acute, working with other health professionals is important to be able to allow the body a full recovery, here acupuncture can adapt to work with what you need to recover. In addition, for further information you can visit the Evidence Based Acupuncture for more research that has been done, (

Naturopathy is a health care system that practices holistic medicine – it considers all the systems of the body when looking for the underlying causes of disease. It also considers that all aspects of a person – body, mind, spirit and emotions – are important in the quest for optimal health and wellness. It is considered to be complementary, not alternative, medicine as we work well alongside doctors and practitioners of many modalities.

Naturopathic scope of practice consists of health assessment, health promotion, disease prevention, and management of acute and chronic conditions by stimulation and support of the body’s natural healing mechanisms. I use a combination of lifestyle, nutritional and herbal medicine interventions to empower and support my clients to improve their health and wellbeing. Standard health assessments used as required include physical examination, naturopathic assessment, functional testing as well as routine laboratory testing.

Naturopathic philosophy is based on 7 principles:
* The healing power of nature (vis medicatrix nature)
* Identify and treat the cause (tolle causam)
* First do no harm (primum non nocere)
* Doctor as teacher (docere)
* Treat the whole person (tolle totum)
* Prevention (praevenire)
* Wellness

Who can see a naturopath? EVERYONE!
Whether you have a current health concern that you would like support with, or you just want to improve your health and wellbeing, Naturopathy is for everyone.