Mana Fleming

Mana Fleming – Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine and Well being

Mana has been a lecturer and clinical supervisor of Chinese Medicine in Christchurch with 8 years clinical practice.  People receiving her treatment have recovered from illnesses, injuries, felt more at ease, healed and found emotional and physical stability in their lives.  Her clients find her understanding, multi-skilled and informative, often recommending her to others.

The variety of skills and experience Mana brings are sought in conjunction with, and as an alternative to Western Medicine providing safe and ethical treatments.

‘I’d like to thank you for your time and energy that you invested in me whilst down in Christchurch.  Our weekly catch-ups I benefited greatly from.  I’ve made a lot of progress….I have a healthy lifestyle and things couldn’t be better’ – response from a client.

‘I have found Chinese Medicine and understanding its 5000 year old, ancient knowledge reassuring and very useful in our modern age.  I feel I can trust this body of knowledge to help me understand myself and my patients with more clarity in a whole and rounded way.  I love that the changes for people can be so effective and profound.   I look forward to meeting my clients, I look forward to listening and creating wellness together and mostly I enjoy the fun of being healthy and mostly happy’

Qualifications – BHSc Chinese Medicine, National Diploma of Acupuncture, NLP Master Practitioner, Addictions Counselling Certificate, Adult Education Teaching Certificate Level 5, ACC Treatment Provider, Parks, Recreation & Tourism, Management Diploma