Dr Sirena Kim

Dr Sirena Kim – Chiropractor


My name is Sirena Kim and I am one of the Chiropractors at Inalign Health. I finished my Bachelor of Science in Otago University and studied at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. As my degree came to an ending we both knew that Christchurch was the city we wanted to set our roots down and start a family. We got married on the 3rd of March 2018 in Arrowtown and we recently fell in love with a Persian kitten who is now a part of our family.

I love being with nature and we are thoroughly enjoying how we have abundant opportunities to experience outdoor activities within and a short ride away from Christchurch. We particularly love Port Hills, Godley Head and Bridle Path. I also have a huge passion for good food which nourishes the body. I try to source local organic vegetables and have a balanced diet, however, I do bake to feed my soul as well. I am a huge advocate in moving, particularly with yoga, stretches and kinesthetic exercises.  I am a research nerd and I regularly read up on science articles to further expand my knowledge.

I have a holistic view on health where I take the whole person into consideration. I strive to empower patients to strive to attain their optimal health and goals by firstly improving their spinal function. My mission is to create healthier lives for the community through caring chiropractic care.