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Dr Julianya Jay

Dr Julianya Jay – Chiropractor

We are pleased to welcome Julia Jay to the Inalign team.  Julia will be based in our Rolleston branch.

Julia trained in the UK, and ran her own successful clinic in West Wales before making the move to New Zealand.  She is an experienced, gentle, and thorough practitioner who treats patients of all ages and can adapt a range of treatment styles to suit your needs.  She has trained in pregnancy and paediatric care, but is equally happy to work with older patients.  Some of her youngest patients are a few days old, and her oldest patient to date was 101!

She also has a special interest in vestibular rehabilitation, and she enjoys working with patients suffering from concussion, whiplash, and inner ear problems.

As a qualified rowing coach she understands the needs of both weekend warriors and highly competitive athletes. She has coached and treated Paralympians, and has worked extensively on rehab programmes with stroke patients and patients with cancer; she enjoys the challenge of finding new and different ways to solve problems.

Julia is a keen gardener and she believes that bodies, like plants, can thrive if they are given the right conditions and the right support.  No matter your age, your fitness level, or your goals for health, Julia will work with you to help you reach your health goals and maintain them.

When she’s not at work, Julia can be found exploring the mountains and braided rivers, building things out of pallet wood, and getting the veggie garden into shape.