58 Fitzgerald Ave

Christmas/New Years Hours 2018-19

December 24th
Jude  – 9am-1pm
Silvia – 9am-1pm

December 25th and 26th CLOSED

December 27th
Jude – 11.30am – 3pm
Silvia – 11.30am-3pm
Jessica – 7pm-9pm

December 28th
Jude – 9.30am -2pm
Silvia – 9.30am -2pm

December 29th
Jessica – 8.45am – 2pm

December 31st – in new premises from here onwards 🙂
Jude – 10am -1pm
Silvia – 10am -1pm

January 1st/2nd CLOSED

January 3rd
Jude – 10.30am – 2.30pm
Silvia – 10.30am-2.30pm
Jessica – 7pm-9pm

January 4th
Jude – 9.30am -2pm
Silvia – 9.30am -2pm

January 5th
Jessica – 8.45am – 2pm


January 7th
Clinic hours will resume as normal apart from below:
Dr Jacob Wang will available from the 14th January
Dr Sirena Kim will be available from the 18th January
Dr Greg Kleis will be available from the 11th January then
the 1st Friday of every month from then on.
Mana Fleming will be available every Tuesday and Thursday from the 8th January.